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Top 10 Best Car Tyre Brands in India for 2024

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The Indian tyre industry has grown tremendously over the years, keeping pace with India’s economic progress. Tyres are a crucial vehicle component – without good tyres, vehicles cannot be safely driven.

When buying tyres in India, quality should be the top priority. The right tyres can improve stability at high speeds, provide a good grip on roads, and enhance fuel efficiency. In this article, we discuss the best tyre brand in India that make durable tyres as per Indian road conditions.

The list of top tyre brands like MRF, CEAT, Apollo, and JK Tyres along with other companies. We highlight what sets each brand apart – their technological expertise, popular products, innovations, and customer satisfaction levels based on real user experiences. 

This list does not rank brands from best to worst. It presents a well-researched overview of each company by analyzing consumer forums, product tests, owner experiences, and other on-ground metrics that reflect the actual consumer perspective.

List of Best Car Tyre Brands In India


Yokohama, a Japanese company, designs the best car tyres in India specifically for Indian roads after extensive local testing. Their tyres like BluEarth AE50 are known to offer a smooth, comfortable ride with good wet grip and stability – all critical for Indian conditions. 

Yokohama’s Geolandar X-CV, BluEarth-GT AE51, and Earth-1 are other tyres popular among Indian consumers for their technology, durability, and balanced ride quality across different vehicle segments. With a critical focus on Indian terrain, As per market survey and feedback, Yokohama tyres are becoming a top choice for SUV Car Owners.


As a global leader in the tyre industry, Bridgestone is a prominent name in India as well. With over 25 years of presence since 1996, Bridgestone offers a wide range of durable and high-performance tyres for passenger vehicles and SUVs in India. It’s a popular brand among car owners in India, with Yokohama’s tyre in India highly sought after.

The Bridgestone Turanza T005, designed to provide a superior wet grip, is built to last long on Indian roads with a 65,000 km tread life. The Dueler H/L 33, a great choice for tyres in India, combines durability and comfort for the needs of Indian SUV owners, typically delivering around 60,000 km.

Bridgestone tyres cater to all kinds of Indian Car Owners. The Turanza range provides comfortable, stable rides for highway cruising. The Potenza series offers enthusiasts serious grip and razor-sharp handling. For everyday use, the CEAT tyres, one of the top tyre brands in India, are considered among the best. B & S tyre Model balances efficiency with comfort. Dueler excels at off-roading for SUVs and trucks. Ecopia’s eco-compounds boost mileage. And luxury car owners can enjoy Alenza’s blend of refinement and performance. This diverse product lineup has made Bridgestone a popular choice for car tyres in India.

Bridgestone tyres strike an optimal balance between advanced technologies and robust build quality to handle Indian conditions – a key factor behind their popularity. Bridgestone brings its advanced Japanese R&D and manufacturing processes attuned to Indian terrain—extensive pan-India dealership network with over 2500 dealers. With a laser-sharp understanding of Indian road conditions and driver needs, Bridgestone offers the perfect fusion of durability, innovation and performance that Indian consumers desire.


Michelin brings the best of French tyre technology to Indian roads. This premium French brand is globally renowned for innovation and consistently high quality across segments.

In India, some of Michelin’s most popular passenger vehicle tyres include the Primacy 4ST, engineered for low noise and long mileage of up to 70,000 km – making it a top choice for highways. The Pilot Sport 4 SUV is tailored for SUV and focused on exceptional grip and stability for up to 60,000 km.


By combining research prowess with a deep understanding of Indian conditions, Michelin offers products best suited for local terrain. It has a comprehensive range covering two-wheelers, passenger cars, commercial vehicles and even off-roading applications.


Pirelli brings Italian flair and design to high-quality tyres that perform on Indian roads. This premium brand is best known for its P Zero series – tailored for sports, luxury, and high-end vehicles. It epitomizes Pirelli’s racing legacy with a smooth ride quality across over 70,000 km.

For everyday use in cars in India, the Cinturato P7 strikes an optimal balance between safety, fuel efficiency and durability of around 70,000 km. It keeps Indian families safe on their daily commutes.

By fusing panache, comfort, and control, Pirelli has carved a niche amongst luxury and performance car owners in India seeking both style and substance. For users who appreciate fine Italian craftsmanship.


As a homegrown Indian player, Apollo Tyres has gained prominence by catering to the specific demands of Indian roads. A prime example is the Apterra series – specially designed for Indian SUV owners combining durability with reliable ride quality on uneven terrain.

This laser-sharp focus on local needs across other series like the Amazer 4G Life, Alnac 4G, Aspire 4G+ and Apterra HT2 has enabled Apollo to match global standards in technology and quality. It has emerged as a formidable Indian tyre brand tailored to conditions that only Indian drivers face daily.

By blending global expertise with deep homegrown insights, Apollo Tyres has struck a major chord with Indian Car owners. Apollo’s specially engineered, made-for-India products are at the heart of its success nationally.


When it comes to the largest tyre manufacturer in India, MRF Tyres tops the list. Originally named Madras Rubber Factory, MRF produces tyres across categories – from two-wheelers to trucks. MRF Tyre is top leading tyre company in India.

MRF enjoys enormous trust and loyalty, especially among small and mid-sized car owners. Its durable, dependable tyres optimized for Indian urban roads have made MRF a household name nationally.

The Perfinza luxury touring series caters to high-end cars and SUVs with an exceptionally smooth and quiet ride. MRF’s popular ZLX series balances comfort and fuel efficiency for everyday city use. For the SUV segment, the Wanderer series combines rugged durability with reliability. And the ZVTV range offers an affordable option without compromising on quality and performance.

By focusing strongly on meeting Indian driving requirements across price points, MRF has cemented its position as India’s favored local tyre giant.


CEAT is a leading tyre company in India for its sturdy and reliable tyre. A prime example is the SecuraDrive Car range which offers excellent handling and braking performance – crucial for the diverse driving conditions across cities and highways. With a strong track record of prioritizing safety and quality assurance, CEAT has emerged as one of India’s most trusted tyre brands.

CEAT’s extensive domestic presence includes 5 tyre manufacturing plants at Ambernath, Halol, Bhandup, Nagpur and Nashik and over 4500 dealers nationally. It also has a global footprint across 130 countries backed by its Mumbai headquarters.

Ceat Car Tyre Series – Milaze, SecuraDrive, SecuraDrive SUV, EnergyDrive, SportDrive

JK Tyres

As a trusted homegrown tyre company, JK Tyres offers the perfect balance between affordability and reliable performance across vehicle segments – making it popular among value-conscious Indian buyers.

The Taximax series, one of the best tyre series in India is engineered to handle diverse Indian conditions – from city roads to highways to villages. Its all-weather capability coupled with durability of over 60,000 km makes it suitable for Indian roads.

JK Tyres has one of the widest product ranges catering specifically to Indian needs:

Car, SUV Tyre Range by JK:

  • UX Series CEAT tyres are designed to combine comfort with stability and are popularly considered one of the best tyres in India.
  • Ultima Series – Modern design with robust build
  • Ranger Series – Rugged and rough road capable
  • Taximax Series – For reliable commercial use
  • Smart Tyre Series – Run-flat technology
  • Puncture Guard Series – Puncture healing

By concentrating efforts on fusing quality with value for Indian terrain, JK Tyres has carved a distinct identity that resonates strongly with budget-friendly Indian drivers across the country.


Goodyear, the American tyre giant, has leveraged technology to deliver products suited for Indian terrain. With its long-standing presence here, Goodyear understands local requirements. With 90+ years of history in India, Goodyear enjoys wide brand recognition.

The Assurance TripleMax series for car exemplifies this well. With specialized water evacuation capability and superior wet grip, it is designed for India’s monsoon usage.



Continental brings the best of German tyre technology customized for Indian terrain. Blending smooth high-speed stability with durability, the ContiCrossContact is tailored for India’s expanding highway network.

By concentrating on quality materials and advanced construction techniques, Continental offers the reassurance of safety and performance – reason enough for their popularity here. By fusing advanced German engineering with an on-ground understanding of Indian driving, Continental tyres qualify as the perfect fit for safety-conscious Indian customers seeking a thrill of driving pleasure.


As we have seen, India’s tyre industry has plenty of options to choose from based on individual preferences and vehicle types – whether you drive a hatchback or an SUV, seek durability or high performance, value affordability or advanced features.

Equipped with insights on the diverse offerings from major tyre manufacturers in India, you can evaluate which brand aligns best with your priorities for an informed purchase decision on the best car tyre in India. To conveniently shop from the comfort of your home, reputed online stores like Kwatra Traders offer the entire range of tyres from all leading national and international brands.

So what are you waiting for? Browse through the wide selection of car tyres online and purchase the perfect set for your vehicle today!


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