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Honda Activa Tyre Size Guide for Front and Rear Wheels

Honda Activa Tyre Size

Its two decades of existence and 6th generation of over 20 variants of the Honda Activa, is one of the most popular scooters in the Indian market with millions of users across the country. Honda Activa has established itself as the undisputed leader in India’s scooter segment, with 3 crore customers, Honda has continuously iterated on the model since 2000 – retaining the core value proposition of reliability, while further improving performance, efficiency, and features. Over its various generations and models, there have been some variations in the tyre sizes fitted by the manufacturer for front and rear wheels. This article provides a quick guide to the correct tyre specifications for your specific Honda Activa model right from the older Activa STD to the latest Activa 6G.

Tyre Size by Activa Model:

Front Tyres – The front wheel on almost all Activa models, from the 3G to the latest 6G, uses a 90/100-10 size tubeless tyre. The only exception is the Activa 125 variants which equip a slightly bigger 90/90-12 front tyre size.

Rear Tyres – For most models, the common rear tyre dimension is 90/100-10 tubeless. Again, the Activa 125 range has a different 90/100-10 specification rear tyre across its drum brake and disc brake trims.

Refer to the table below for exact Activa front and rear tyre sizes:

Activa ModelFront Tyre SizeRear Tyre SizeTyre Type
Activa STD90/100-1090/100-10Tube
Activa 3G90/100-1090/100-10Tubeless
Activa 4G90/100-1090/100-10Tubeless
Activa I90/100-1090/100-10Tubeless
Activa 5G – Standard90/100-1090/100-10Tubeless
Activa 5G – Deluxe90/100-1090/100-10Tubeless
Activa 5G – Standard – Limited Edition90/100-1090/100-10Tubeless
Activa 5G – Deluxe – Limited Edition90/100-1090/100-10Tubeless
Activa 125 Drum [2019]90/90-1290/100-10Tubeless
Activa 125 Drum Alloy [2019]90/90-1290/100-10Tubeless
Activa 125 Disc [2019]90/90-1290/100-10Tubeless
Activa 125 – Standard [2022]90/90-1290/100-10Tubeless
Activa 125 – Alloy [2022]90/90-1290/100-10Tubeless
Activa 125 – Deluxe [2022]90/90-1290/100-10Tubeless
Activa 125 – Premium Edition – Disc90/90-1290/100-10Tubeless
Activa 125 – Premium Edition – Drum90/90-1290/100-10Tubeless
Activa 125 – H-Smart90/90-1290/100-10Tubeless
Activa 125 – Drum90/90-1290/100-10Tubeless
Activa 125 – Drum Alloy90/90-1290/100-10Tubeless
Activa 125 – Disc90/90-1290/100-10Tubeless
Activa 125 (2016-2017) – Std90/90-1290/100-10Tubeless
Activa 125 (2016-2017) – Dlx90/90-1290/100-10Tubeless
Activa 125 (2016-2017) – Std Alloy (BS-IV)90/90-1290/100-10Tubeless
Activa 125 (2016-2017) – Std (BS-IV)90/90-1290/100-10Tubeless
Activa 125 (2016-2017) – Dlx (BS-IV)90/90-1290/100-10Tubeless
Activa 6G – Standard [2022]90/90-1290/100-10Tubeless
Activa 6G – Deluxe [2022]90/90-1290/100-10Tubeless
Activa 6G – 20th Year Anniversary – Std90/90-1290/100-10Tubeless
Activa 6G – 20th Year Anniversary – Dlx90/90-1290/100-10Tubeless
Activa 6G – Premium Edition Deluxe90/90-1290/100-10Tubeless
Activa 6G – H-Smart90/90-1290/100-10Tubeless
Activa 6G – Standard90/90-1290/100-10Tubeless
Activa 6G – Deluxe90/90-1290/100-10Tubeless
Activa 6G – Deluxe – Limited Edition90/90-1290/100-10Tubeless
Activa 6G – H-Smart – Limited Edition90/90-1290/100-10Tubeless
  • All models from Activa 3G onwards use tubeless tyres only
  • Older Type models had the option of tube tyres along with the tubeless tyre.
  • Though a tubeless tyre, one can still safely install a tube inside if faced with repeated puncture issues due to road conditions

Using the correct, factory-recommended tyre size for your specific Honda Activa model and year of manufacture ensures:

  • Optimal load carrying capacity, based on vehicle kerb weight and expected usage
  • Improved stability from precise tyre contact patch and profile
  • Enhanced ride quality since the suspension is tuned for OE tyre sizes
  • Better fuel efficiency as rolling resistance remains in tune with engine specs
  • Higher safety reserves in terms of braking distances and cornering grip

It is advised to always replace tyres with the exact dimensions tyre which comes initally. While purchasing new activa tyres, carefully inspect details like width, aspect ratio sidewall marking along with speed/load index marked on the tyre sidewalls. Deviating even slightly from the approved tyre sizing can negatively impact Activa’s handling, mileage or even regulatory compliance in some cases. Stay safe and maximize enjoyment from your wonderful scooter by using right tyre!


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